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Zhyto 05:17
Ah... Ой жито, жито, жито, ой... x3 моє Oy zhyto, zhyto, zhyto, oy... x3 moye Ah... Ой жито, жито, жито, ой (Птичка невеличка) Ой жито, жито, жито, ой (По полю літала) Жито, жито, жито (По полю літала) Ой, мое (Сокола шукала) Ой жито, жито, жито, ой (Ой ти сокіл ясний) Ой жито, жито, жито, ой (Мій милий прекрасний) Жито, жито, жито (Чи гордуєш мною) Ой, мое (Як вітер горою) Ah... Będziemy się krężyli Жаворонок Ой да в темном лесе Bośmy żyteńka dożeli Разгани горе мое Його не бачила Я його не бачила, і я Ні як не знаходила Yoho ne bachyla Ya yoho ne bachyla, i ya Ni yak ne znahodyla Птичка невеличка (Ой жито, жито, жито, ой) По полю літала (Ой жито, жито, жито, ой) По полю літала (Жито, жито, жито) Сокола шукала (Ой, мое) Ptychka nevelychka (Oy zhyto, zhyto, zhyto, oy) Po polu litala (Oy zhyto, zhyto, zhyto, oy) Po polu litala (Oy zhyto, zhyto, zhyto) Sokola shukala (Oy, moye) x2 Oj ty sokil yasnyj Mij mylyj prekrasnyj Chy horduyesh mnoyu Yak viter horoy- Chy horduyesh mnoyu (Bośmy żyteńka dożeli) Yak viter horoyu (Zhavoronok) Oy zhe sokil yasnyj (Razgani gore moye) Mij mylyj prekrasnyj Ptychka nevelychka (Bośmy żyteńka dożeli) Po pol'u litala (Zhavoronok) Po pol'u litala (Razgani gore moye) Sokola shuka- ----- *****TRANSLATION***** UKR: Wheat, wheat, wheat... Small bird Flew across the field Flew across the field Looking for her falcon POL: Let’s go around We’ve made it to the harvest RUS: Oh Lark, There in the dark forest Disperse my sorrow UKR: I did not see him I couldn't find him... Small bird Flew across the field Flew across the field Looking for her falcon Oh you bright falcon My sweet lovely Are you proud of me? Like the mountain is proud of the wind
More Days 03:54
Lyrics: мама моя give me серце його so many more days take the past and leave with it, those who любити вас take the past and leave with it, how must we буває так tales of мамі море dayshe Translation: oh mother give me his heart so many more days take the past and leave with it, leave those who love you take the past and leave with it, how must we, it happens so mother’s tales of more dayshe
Lead me to the water I forget the way Give me time to be Like the lies you told me Feel the pull of the sky I would wander all my life Wander through the river Sinking even deeper Empathy can’t you see Cant you see you’ve hurt me But I didn’t touch the water Come a little closer Emeralds in the sky I could wander by and by Old Maryna’s coming for you Put the child before you Show yourself Марино борон тебе боже Rockabye the trust is over Water’s getting colder Let the river hold her


This ambient, trippy electronic EP 'III' was created in a cabin in the woods of Ontario, when sound-designer Mike Romaniak invited DoVira's leader/multi-instrumentalist Nastasia Y & synth/effects master Patrick O'Reilly on a production retreat in the cold of Canadian winter. Cooped up in a little cabin with nothing but food and a LOT of electronics for a week, DoVira's newest electro trio project (aka #DoVira3) was born.

EP ‘III’ features DoVira's newest track "Zhyto" ("Wheat") as well as two previously released singles, with re-imagined artwork by Little Odessa.
EP ‘III’ weaves ancestral sounds with spacious soulful downtempo electronics, while seamlessly blending English, Ukrainian (the singer heritage), with Russian, Polish, and even invented languages.

The DoVira ‘III’ live show explores production and audio processing in interesting ways, from programming alternative MIDI controllers (e.g. Nintendo Wii remote), to syncing plugin parameters to reactive LED lights and voltage-controlled lighting dimmers.

EP ‘III’ marks DoVira's third release, and features special guests from the vibrant Toronto music scene (see below).

Наш перший 3-пісенний електронний EP 'III'! музика експериментальна... створена в хаті в лісі біля Торонто, в Канаді..
З новою піснею "Жито"!


released October 3, 2020

Created by DoVira3: Nastasia Y (Stacey Yerofeyeva), Patrick O'Reilly, and Mike Romaniak
Lyrics by Nastasia Y
Production by Mike Romaniak

Artwork by Little Odessa
With special guests Ekaterina, Ewelina Ferenc ("Zhyto"), and Peter Kadar (synth on "Back to Water")
With involvement from Thom Varey (mixing on "More Days"), Kyle Woodard & Jason Cho (bass parts to "Zhyto")

Mastered by Mojito Mastering

We want to acknowledge the support of the Shevchenko Foundation, Boris Horodynsky Music Fund to make this recording possible.

Electronics include TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch2 Vocal Effects Processor, Nord Modular ("More Days"), Arturia MiniBrute, Buchla Music Easel ("Zhyto"), Electro-Harmonix 16 Second Digital Delay, Boss RV-5, DD-3, DD-6, MXR Carbon Copy, & much more!


all rights reserved



Nastasia Y & DoVira Toronto, Ontario

DoVira [do-VEE-ruh] is a Canadian group that fuses Ukrainian and Eastern European folk music with jazz, rock, experimental, and other world music influences.

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